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Amanda Davis - Australia’s 100 Women of Influence 2014

Vision care leader a 'Women of Influence 2014'

Sydney, Australia, 3 October 2014: Amanda Davis, leader of initiatives to deliver improved access to vision care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and for people in developing communities, has been named one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence 2014 by Westpac and The Australian Financial Review.

Ms Davis has been leader of the Vision CRC Models of Vision Care program since 2010, which aims to develop an effective workforce to deliver eye care in Australia to ensure that affordable, accessible and culturally appropriate eye care is delivered to Aboriginal people. The program is also developing a 'vision centre' model as an effective, affordable and accessible way to provide eye care in developing countries. It created a freely available online resource that has played a part in getting eye care to over 500 000 patients in developing communities - recognised in 2014 with an Excellence in Innovation Award from the CRC Association.

Another exciting collaboration, involving partners in U.S., China and India, is the development a low-cost “intelligent retinal camera” to accurately and rapidly detect, and eventually diagnose, sight-threatening conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Ms Davis is also Chief Operating Officer of Brien Holden Vision Institute, Public Health. Since taking up the role in 2006, she has had a significant impact on vision correction and eye treatment needs for Indigenous communities in Australia and developing communities around the world, including China and India, and many countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Since 1998, the Institute has delivered optometric services to more than 2.5 million people in need through programs in 54 countries; established over 400 vision centres or sites for eye care worldwide; reaching 57 schools and training almost 130,000 eye care personnel around the world. It also now employs over 100 staff across 12 offices globally.

Her influence goes beyond the work of the Brien Holden Vision Institute and Vision CRC, having been on the Board of Directors for Vision 2020 Australia and the Global Board of Optometry Giving Sight.

Professor Brien Holden, CEO of Vision CRC and Brien Holden Vision Institute, said, “Amanda Davis is an outstanding champion of the rights of people, especially their right to sight. She is a very driven and talented leader.”

“Amanda is indeed one of Australia's top 100 women of influence and she has used that influence and her leadership talents to the benefit of people in need, the people with whom she works and the output of the Institute in science, research, education, public health and technology.”

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